Can We Try This? #13 anti-distraction software (click for full-sized PDF)

First new post in a long time! Good to be back.


ten for #10

Can we try this? “special edition”: ten for #10 (click for full-sized PDF).
In honor of there now being a one-to-one mapping between my gooey brownie posts and my toes, I am giving you ten little ideas instead of one big idea. Enjoy!

better breast pump


Can we try this? #9: better breast pump (click for full-sized PDF)

Reporting back from the “Make the Breast Pump not Suck” Hackathon (more info here) at the MIT Media Lab! My team, Second Nature won the award for Outstanding User-Focused Design (sponsored by Moxxly). We are making plans to continue the work, so I will let you know… and comments you leave here or on our ChallengePost page will help improve our further efforts…

In the meantime, next week I plan to have a special Gooey Brownie for the round-number-tenth post, and then to give myself an (intentional) week off.

Until soon!